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Travis Rosen vs Thomas Stillings is one of the most exciting Team Ninja Warrior match ups ever


Travis Rosen is an eight time American Ninja Warrior competitor who is no stranger to the National Finals. Thomas Stillings has been on two seasons of the show but has made a name for himself as a lightning fast competitor.

On Team Ninja Warrior, Travis leads Team TNT, season one’s runner up. Thomas captains The Wings, a new team to the game. Both had a lot on the line. One team was seeking redemption, one sought to prove themselves.

The result was a match up so fast and intense that we’re sure it’s going to be a stand out of the second season.

Thomas is known for crazy speed, but Travis pushed him to the max.

They were in a dead heat as they tore down the course.

Their focus and intensity was incredible.

As they approached the Floating Tiles, there was no clue how this was going to end.

But when Thomas tried to step on a tile Travis had already already put weight on, it caused him to lose his balance.

In a shock no one saw coming, Thomas fell into the water and was disqualified, cinching the win for Team TNT.

What an epic battle!