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Watch Andrew Lowes and Grant McCartney push each other to the finish on Team Ninja Warrior

The stakes are higher when the Ninja Warriors are side by side.

Andrew Lowes and Grant McCartney are both strong American Ninja Warrior athletes. In their match up on Team Ninja Warrior, it was hard to guess who would come out on top.

Andrew represented team Tre’s Amigoz, while Grant was from the Golden Hearts.

One of the great things about the Team Ninja Warrior format is that side by side racing provides an extra driving force to the competitors. They push themselves to chase down the leader, or keep the lead with someone right behind them.

This race between Grant and Andrew was a perfect example of that.

Andrew and Grant were evenly matched as the heat started off.

But when Grant got off the Ring of Fire first, he started generating a lead.

Andrew wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

Grant reached the Shelf Grab.

With Andrew hot on his heels.

The tension gave Grant the energy to get up with Warped Wall first.

The point went to team Golden Hearts, who would go on to qualify for the finals.

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