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Jessie Graff leads team G-Force on the next episode of Team Ninja Warrior

New trailer teases the action we’ll see on May 2.

Season two of Team Ninja Warrior is delivering blow after blow! The premiere episode brought back the season one champs, Party Time. The second episode gave us Meagan Martin as team captain of Mega Crushers.

For the third episode? Just a little Ninja named Jessie Graff. You may have heard of her. She’s the American Ninja Warrior who became the first woman to defeat Stage One of the National Finals in season eight. It was kind of a big deal.

She’ll be leading her own team, G-Force into the fray.

Joining them in the fight for the finals will be three other teams:

  • Superhero Squad
  • Think Tank
  • Average JoJo's

The teaser trailer gives us a little peek at what to expect.

Jessie will race Kirsti Pratt of the Average JoJo’s.

Things will be close between Think Tank and the Average JoJo’s.

Noah Kaufman of Think Tank has something to celebrate, while the Superhero Squad is focused on the course.

See the full action on Team Ninja Warrior, Tuesday May 2, 10pm on USA Network