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American Ninja Warriors are touring Air Force Bases to share training and support

Barclay Stockett, Brent Steffensen, Colleen McCormack, Kacy Catanzaro, Kevin Klein and Rebekah Bonilla are all a part of the Alpha Warrior Air Force Tour.

American Ninja Warriors are known for being passionate athletes and dedicated members of their communities. If they’re not on the course, you can probably find them looking for ways to give back to the causes and missions they believe in.

Kacy Catanzaro and Brent Steffensen are managing partners at the Alpha Warrior Proving Grounds in San Antonio, TX. Now, they, and other American Ninja Warriors are taking part in the Alpha Warrior Air Force Tour.

The tour brings the Alpha Warrior Battle Rig to military stations around the US. It’s not just a chance to train, it’s a chance for the Ninja Warriors and the Airmen to meet, talk and support one another.

Brent, Barclay, and Colleen looked like they had an amazing time visiting MacDill Air Force Base, Patrick Air Force Base and Moody Air Force Base.

Kacy Catanzaro, Kevin Klein and Rebekah Bonilla were at an event on Luke Air Force Base near Glendale, Arizona.

We love this example of strength supporting strength!