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This American Ninja Warrior super fan found out he’s running the course on live TV

The college student thought he was just showing off his backyard course.

WKYC, the NBC affiliate in the Cleveland area is excited that American Ninja Warrior will be visiting the city next month.

To get their audience ready, they visited an amazing local backyard course, built by super fan Michael Nowoslawski. But they had something else up their sleeve as well. Producers of American Ninja Warrior had given the news team the all clear to break the news to Michael that he had been selected for the show, live on air.

Michael is a Cleveland State senior who has loved Ninja Warrior since age 13. He’s also built an incredible backyard course where he trains. He tried out for season eight of American Ninja Warrior, and planned to attempt to walk-on in Cleveland this season.

The new Ninja was in for a big surprise as he got the news that his path was cleared to the course.

Now, he just has to figure out how to balance that with finals week...

You can read WKYC’s full article with video here.