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Team Ninja Warrior recap: Qualifying week two

A returning team makes sure they have a chance to face the finals again.

Brandon Hickman/USA Network

Season Two of Team Ninja Warrior shows no signs of slowing down. Meagan Martin captained her own team. Travis Rosen returned with a new line-up for Team TNT. Team Tarzan was looking for redemption and new kids on the block, The Wings, wanted to prove themselves.

TL:DR: After cleaning up in the first round, Meagan Martin’s Mega Crushers went home in a shocking upset. Team Tarzan couldn’t hold off Team TNT. Rookie team The Wings fought hard in the Relay Race, but Team TNT made it back to the finals for a second season.

The match ups:

  • Team Tarzan vs Mega Crushers
  • Team TNT vs The Wings

A refresher on the Team Ninja Warrior rules is at the bottom of this article.

The Obstacles:

  • Sonic Swing
  • Ring of Fire
  • Swing Jump
  • Floating Tiles
  • Bungee Road
  • Warped Wall

The Teams:

Mega Crushers

  • Meagan Martin
  • Ian Dory
  • Dan Yager

Team Tarzan

  • Ben Melick
  • Travis Weinand
  • Rose Wetzel

Heat One:

  • Mega Crushers’ Dan vs Team Tarzan’s Travis

Dan got a fast dismount off the Ring of Fire, but it looked like Travis would catch up on Bungee Road. As Dan was looking to complete the obstacle, he tapped out and fell in the Water. Travis fell just a few moments later. However, since Dan reached the obstacle first, he claimed the point.

Point= Mega Crushers

Heat Two:

  • Mega Crushers’ Meagan vs Team Tarzan’s Rose

Both spent some time hung up on the Ring, but Rose was there longer. This allowed Meagan to get to Bungee Road first. Rose did catch up while Meagan struggled to maneuver the dismount, but ended up falling. Meagan landed the dismount and claimed the next win.

Point= Mega Crushers

Heat Three:

  • Mega Crushers’ Ian vs Team Tarzan’s Ben

Ian took off from the Ring of Fire and gained a decent lead. On Bungee Road, his climber abilities really had a chance to shine and he moved on for the first buzzer of the day.

Points= Mega Crushers

Winner of Round One: Mega Crushers

The next round was Team TNT vs The Wings

The Teams:

Team TNT (Season one runner up)

  • Travis Rosen
  • Brett Sims
  • Mary Beth Wang

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The Wings

  • Thomas Stillings
  • David Yarter
  • Melanie Hunt

Heat One:

  • Team TNT’s Brett vs The Wings’ David

Both Ninjas leapt off the Ring at the same time. Brett had a slight advantage on the Floating Tiles, crossing just before David. David lost his footing during the battle and fell there.

Point= Team TNT

Heat Two:

  • Team TNT’s Mary Beth vs The Wings’ Melanie

Mary Beth was off the Ring first, but it looking like Melanie was going to catch up. But Melanie was disqualified at the Swing Jump while Mary Beth fell on the Floating Tiles, taking the win.

Point= Team TNT

Heat Three:

  • Team TNT’s Travis vs The Wings’ Thomas

In a FAST race, the Ninjas were pushing each other down the course. Thomas hit the Floating Tiles just a little too quickly and fell.

Points= Team TNT

Winner of Round Two: Team TNT

Knockout One:

Mega Crushers vs The Wings

Heat One:

  • Mega Crushers’ Dan vs The Wing’s David

In an unexpected twist, Dan fell from the Ring of Fire, handing The Wings their first win.

Point= The Wings

Heat Two:

  • Mega Crushers’ Meagan vs The Wing’s Melanie

Both Ninjas has a long moment hanging on the Ring. Meagan was able to free herself first. Melanie followed, but faced more trouble on the Swing Jump. During that time, Megan had cleared a lead that got her to the Warped Wall. She missed her first attempt, which gave every one a moment of panic. Melanie made it to Bungee Road, but ultimately fell there. In that time, Meagan had managed to grab the buzzer.

Point= Mega Crushers

Heat Three:

  • Mega Crushers’ Ian vs The Wings’ Thomas

This was another race for pure speed. Thomas got off the Ring first, but Ian caught up. They were tied at Bungee Road. Both tore off for the Warped Wall at the same time. Thomas pushed himself up the wall with enough momentum to grab the buzzer before Ian.

Points= The Wings

Mega Crushers are OUT.

In an unexpected shock, the first round winner is heading home.

Knockout Two:

Team TNT vs Team Tarzan

Heat One:

  • Team TNT’s Brett vs Team Tarzan’s Travis

It was a close race until Bungee Road. Brett completed the obstacle first and went straight up the wall. Travis ended up falling for a second time on the new obstacle.

Point= Team TNT

Heat Two:

  • Team TNT’s Mary Beth vs Team Tarzan’s Rose

After both spent some time on the Ring of Fire, Rose moved on first to the Swing Jump. She got her feet a little wet here, which is always worrisome. Mary Beth and Rose both got to Bungee Road and both end up falling. But Rose got there first and claimed the point.

Point= Team Tarzan

Heat Three:

  • Team TNT’s Travis vs Team Tarzan’s Ben

Travis gained a big lead early and never looked back. Ben ended up falling at the Swing Jump while Travis completed the course.

Points= Team TNT

Team Tarzan is OUT.

The season one runners up want a chance at redemption as they move on to the Relay Race.

The Wings and Team TNT take on the Relay Race.

In the relay, all three team members will be on the course at the same time. Each will complete three obstacles, meaning the course is extended. It’s up to each team to decide which member runs when.

Team TNT’s Mary Beth and The Wings’ Melanie would take the first leg.

Before the Floating Tiles, Team TNT would tag in Travis, and The Wings would bring in Thomas.

Once they completed the Warped Wall, Team TNT would bring in Brett and The Wings would have David take on the extended course.

  • Dueling Salmon Ladders
  • Globe Graspers
  • 40 foot Invisible Ladder

Relay Race

Melanie fell on Ring of Fire. This meant Mary Beth could take her time on the leg. Once she tagged in Travis, The Wings would have a 10 second penalty before Thomas could run.

But Thomas is known for his speed. He made up ground quickly. Travis tagged in Brett first, but Thomas brought in David just moments later.

Brett held fast to the lead, gaining ground on the Globe Graspers. He dismounted and started the Invisible Ladder while David lagged slightly.

David ended up falling from the Globes, but it didn’t stop Brett from completing the Ladder and securing the win.

The Wings are out of the competition and Team TNT joins the Golden Hearts in the Finals.

Next Tuesday, May 2, four more teams will take the course.

Qualifying Week 3: May 2 at 10/9c

  • Superhero Squad
  • Think Tank
  • Average JoJo's
  • G-Force