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Brett Sims and David Yarter keep the race tight in this Team Ninja Warrior clip

All it takes is one tiny difference to make or break a heat.

Team TNT, season one’s runners up, return on the April 25 episode of Team Ninja Warrior. They’ll be facing The Wings, a new team under captain Thomas Stillings.

In this clip, Team TNT’s Brett Sims takes on The Wings’ David Yarter. Both are American Ninja Warrior veterans and are strong contenders.

At the Ring of Fire, they were evenly matched.

David looked to be on track for an earlier dismount.

But the Swing Jump saw them tied again.

Brett crossed the Floating Tiles first. David made one small misstep and ended his run in the water there.

Brett had gone on to complete Bungee Road, but opted to save his energy and not tackle the Warped Wall.

Point to Team TNT!

We’ll see how the rest of the races pan out on the April 25 episode, 10/9c pm on USA Network.