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Meagan Martin and Rose Wetzel battle a new obstacle on Team Ninja Warrior

Bungee Road might make all the difference on the April 25 episode.

On the second episode of Team Ninja Warrior, we’ll see Meagan Martin’s team Mega Crushers face off against Ben Melick’s Team Tarzan.

In this run preview, we see Meagan and Rose Wetzel go head to head. But they’re not just striving to beat each other to buzzer, there’s a new beast in their way. Bungee Road has joined the course as an upper body onslaught before the Warped Wall.

The Ninjas were tied at the start.

Meagan dismounted from Ring of Fire first, which is always important to creating a lead on Team Ninja Warrior.

But don’t count Rose out. She recovered and moved on to the Swing Jump.

Meagan was the first to face new obstacle, Bungee Road.

She paused at the dismount, struggling to get up the momentum she needed.

Rose also reached Bungee Road, but fell, giving the win to Meagan, who did complete the obstacle.

The point goes to the Mega Crushers!

Find out how all the heats play out on April 25, 10 pm on USA Network.