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An American Ninja Warrior photographer shares her top 10 pictures

As a behind-the-scenes photographer, Ryan Tuttle sees the Ninjas in some of their most vulnerable moments.

Ryan Tuttle is one of the behind-the-scenes photographers on the American Ninja Warrior set. She’s responsible for capturing the moments that happen just before and after the Ninjas have run the course.

She sees a lot of emotions: Hope, nerves, triumph and heartbreak. Since she has seen so much through her lens, we wanted to know what photos have always stuck with her. Ryan ranked her top 10 favorite pics and gave us a little some insight on what makes them special.


Ryan Tuttle/NBC

“Kicking it off with a shot from Venice, Season 7 and one of my all time favorites. I wish I could do this move!”


Ryan Tuttle/NBC

“I spend a lot of my time at the start of the course to get portraits like this of each athlete before they run. Sometimes they are jumping around and moving quickly, and other times they are standing perfectly still as a beam of light shines directly from their face.”


Ryan Tuttle/NBC

“Fire! Not exactly what you want in the middle of a Vegas summer, but it sure looks cool.”


Ryan Tuttle/NBC

“I like to mix it up and get shots from perspectives that aren’t normally seen on TV. I love how this one makes you feel like you are right there in the audience as Drew hits the buzzer on Stage Two in Vegas.”


Ryan Tuttle/NBC

“A lot of the work I do happens in the warm up area just before the athletes run the course. These are often some of my favorite shots, because you can really feel the excitement and energy these athletes are about to unleash.”


Ryan Tuttle/NBC

“Up close and personal on the sidelines before taking on Stage One.”


Ryan Tuttle/NBC

“I have to be a fly on the wall as much as possible while shooting in the warm-up area. These interactions happen so quickly and I have to be ready to capture the in-between moments that I love.”


Ryan Tuttle/NBC

“Staring down Stage Two as the Vegas lights glow in the background. There is so much activity and noise going on around him but I’m sure he only has one thing on his mind.”


Ryan Tuttle/NBC

“Photographing the post-run interviews with Kristine is one of my favorite things to shoot on the show. Emotions are high and regardless of the outcome, the support from family and friends is so powerful.”


Ryan Tuttle/NBC

“This is my top favorite photo I’ve taken while shooting American Ninja Warrior. They both just look so stoked for each other, and I think that is really the core of what makes this show so great and so fun to watch.”