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New Team Ninja Warrior preview teases teams and new obstacle

The new episode debuts Tuesday, April 25.

Two new clips give us an idea of what to expect on April 25th’s Team Ninja Warrior episode.

Dan Yager of the Mega Crushers vs Travis Weinand of Team Tarzan

Will the Ninja Warriors get hung up on Bungee Road? Jump into an all-new Team Ninja Warrior, Tuesday at 10/9c, now on USA Network!

Posted by Ninja Warrior on Sunday, April 23, 2017

Teaser trailer for the second episode

So what did we learn? Who will be competing, which new obstacle they’ll face, and a couple people will take some spills.

The Teams:

Team TNT
Travis Rosen, Brett Sims, MaryBeth Wang

Brandon Hickman/USA Network

Mega Crushers
Meagan Martin, Ian Dory, Dan Yager

Brandon Hickman/USA Network

The Wings
Thomas Stillings, David Yarter, Melanie Hunt

Brandon Hickman/USA Network

Team Tarzan
Ben Melick, Travis Weinand, Rose Wetzel

Brandon Hickman/USA Network

New obstacle:

Bungee Road. This daunting obstacle combines bungee grips with a pole climb to the dismount.

And it looks like a few Ninjas will have some trouble with it.

Rose Wetzel takes a plunge while Meagan Martin preps for the dismount.

Dan Yager goes down.

But Travis Weinand didn’t last too much longer.

Dan and Travis’ face off was teased in the preview clip, but it cuts off just as they both get on the new obstacle, so we’re not sure who takes home the win!

The second episode of Team Ninja Warrior season two will debut April 25, at 10/9c on USA Network.