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Take a look at American Ninja Warrior Joe Moravsky’s life beyond the course

Yes, he is still a professional weatherman.

Check out this new video chronicling Joe Moravsky’s daily life. Whistle Sports sat down with Joe, his friends and his family to get a real look at the Ninja Weatherman.

American Ninja Warrior fans are very familiar with Joe’s displays of strength and endurance, so the cool training sequences won’t be a shock.

But it’s also a great look at his daily life outside of Ninja Warrior.

Because, for real, he’s a weatherman!

He goes out in storms because he apparently enjoys that.

He puts a lot of technical thought into his training, always developing new obstacles and challenges to push himself.

He’s been a Ninja Warrior fan for years. Look at baby Joe!

And of course, we get to see more of his daughter Emily, who pretty much hasn’t stopped smiling for a second since she was born, as far as we can tell.

The video is a reminder that the athletes we know and love on the show are complete humans. They have day jobs, families, and interests that lay outside of American Ninja Warrior.

Which makes it all the more impressive that they can still fit in the training needed to be Ninja Warrior heroes.