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Watch Jessie Graff and Meagan Martin face off in this Team Ninja Warrior bonus run

The Mega Crushers and G-Force battled it out.

Season two of Team Ninja Warrior returns April 18 and we’re getting pumped up with this bonus run!

In a clash of the titans, Meagan Martin’s team, Mega Crushers, and Jessie Graff’s team, G-Force go head to head in a relay race.

Starting off the run is Dan Yager and Jesse La Flair. After the Swing Jump, they tag in team captains Meagan and Jessie.

Once the two women are up the Warped Wall, they’ll tag in final team members Ian Dory and Nicholas Coolridge.

The race started off tight, but Dan got slightly hung up on the Ring of Fire, allowing Jesse to pull ahead.

Jessie Graff got the first tag and burst off running. Meagan Martin had a stumble on the Floating Titles, giving precious moments to team G-Force.

Jessie tags in Nicholas, but Ian is not far behind. The two battle it out on the Globe Graspers and Invisible Ladder.

But it looks like Nicholas just had more energy to spend, flying up the final obstacle.

The win goes to team G-Force. But of course, in true Ninja fashion, there were no hard feelings. Meagan and Jessie were happy just to have the chance to challenge each other.

Team Ninja Warrior airs Tuesday nights at 10pm on USA Network.