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Team Ninja Warrior: Season two premiere start time and live stream

The side by side competition is back!

Brandon Hickman/USA Network

The long wait is over! Season two of Team Ninja Warrior has finally arrived. The show has a new home on USA Network and a new time slot at 10 pm, following WWE Smackdown.

Come chat with your fellow fans during the show. If you're new here, make sure you check out our guide to American Ninja Warrior Nation.


  • NorCal Ninjas

David Campbell, Brian Kretsch, Anna Shumaker

  • Party Time

Brian Arnold, Jake Murray, Jen Tavernier

  • Golden Hearts

Neil Craver, Grant McCartney, Natalie Duran

  • Tre's Amigoz

Tremayne Dortch, Andrew Lowes, Melody Schofield

Date: April 18

Start time: 10/9c pm

TV channel: USA Network

Live streaming: USA Network.Com (You'll just need to verify your cable provider.)

Next episode: April 25 10/9c

Missed the first season? Full episodes are available online.

This is your discussion thread for before, during and after the show. Sign up for a free account here to start commenting.

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