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These dedicated American Ninja Warrior fans have released 100 podcasts about the show

The Armchair Ninja Podcast is a pillar of the Ninja fan community.

American Ninja Warrior super fans Rich and Bijan just reached a crazy milestone: They have officially released 100 episodes of the Armchair Ninja podcast.

That is a LOT of talk about American Ninja Warrior. The fan community has learned to expect the best from these two as they break down everything Ninja Warrior related each week.

They’re so important to the fans that many sent in special videos congratulating them on the accomplishment. There are some familiar faces in the episode.

Wolfpack members Brian Arnold, Ian Dory and Noah Kaufman

Michelle Warnky

(Bijan looks really excited about that one.)

Travis McClure, creator of ANW Fantasy.Com

Congrats Rich and Bijan! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the upcoming ninth season of American Ninja Warrior!