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Here are the obstacles and rules for Team Ninja Warrior

Knowledge is power.

This season, we're going even bigger! Check out this exclusive clip of the Team Ninja Warrior Premiere, Tuesday at 10/9c on USA Network.

Posted by Ninja Warrior on Thursday, April 13, 2017

Team Ninja Warrior returns for its second season on April 18, 10 pm on USA Network.

The show will feature some of the best American Ninja Warriors charging down a side by side course. 23 teams of three Ninjas each will knock each other out of the competition until only one remains as the champion.

Before the season kicks off, take a look at the rules of Team Ninja Warrior. They’re what drastically set this show apart from American Ninja Warrior. Understanding what’s happening will keep the intensity ratcheted up all season long.

We also know the six obstacles the Ninjas will face in their initial match-ups. Once they advance to the relay round, the course will be extended with more obstacles.

Sonic Swing

Ring of Fire

Swing Jump

Floating Tiles

Flying Shelf Grab (Qualifying week one)

Bungee Road (Qualifying week two)

Bar Hop (Qualifying week three)

Pole Grasper (Qualifying week four)

Fly Wheels (Qualifying week five)

Spin Cycle (Qualifying week six)

Fly Wheels again (Qualifying week seven)

Swinging Spikes (Wildcard selection part one)

Warped Wall

Okay, you’ve got the rules. You know the obstacles. You can review all the teams here. With all these factors considered, which teams do you think will make it to the finals? Leave your predictions in the comments!