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Watch Jake Murray and Brian Kretsch face off on Team Ninja Warrior

Party Time and NorCal Ninjas go head to head in their first heat.

Season two of Team Ninja Warrior is just days away! In this new clip, Jake Murray of team Party Time faces off against Brian Kretsch of the NorCal Ninjas.

Jake’s team also consists of Brian Arnold and Jennifer Tavernier. In season one, they became the first ever Team Ninja Warrior champions.

Brian Kretsch’s team includes David Campbell and Anna Shumaker, all strong contenders.

Both Ninjas started the run strong.

At the Ring of Fire, Brian was able to dismount first, giving him the lead.

He looked to be in the clear.

But a hang up at Flying Shelf Grab gave Jake the opportunity he needed to get back in the game.

Brian ended up missing the dismount from the obstacle, landing in the water.

Jake scores the first point of Team Ninja Warrior season two for Party Time.

We’ll find out how the rest of the round shapes up when Team Ninja Warrior returns Tuesday, April 18 at 10 pm on USA Network!