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Jessie Graff’s American Ninja Warrior career stats deserve a standing ovation

Point her at a goal. She’ll find a way to get there.

Season 8 was Jessie's year on American Ninja Warrior. She cleared the LA City Qualifier, only Josh Levin went further than her in the LA City Finals & SHE BECAME THE FIRST WOMAN TO CLEAR STAGE 1!!!!!

On top of all that she had an impressive showing on stage 2, reaching the same point as some perennial studs: Joe Moravsky and Flip Rodriguez. Then, as part of Team Kristine on the All-Star Special Team Challenge, Flip, Nicholas Coolridge and Jessie. demolished Teams Matt and Akbar.

Jessie is always pushing the limits in American Ninja Warrior, making her a strong candidate for your fantasy team! For more in-depth stats about all of your favorite ninjas head over to