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If you put a bunch of American Ninja Warriors in one place, they basically just snuggle

The Los Angeles taping was like a Ninja-family reunion.

American Ninja Warriors, they seem to REALLY like each other. It’s one of the wonderful aspects of the show and the sport. There is no harsh competition between athletes. Everyone genuinely wants to see others succeed.

So when a large group of Ninjas all gathered at the Los Angeles Qualifiers and City Finals, it was essentially just a big love fest.

Daniel Gil and his wife, Abigail, were just trying to take a nice photo when Drew Drechsel and Jake Murray couldn’t control their feelings any longer.

These guys!

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How many pearly-white teeth are in this photo? The world may never know.

They were flipping out just to be around each other.

Competing? Yeah, that’s cool. But catching up with your Ninja soulmates was the real goal.

Rose Wetzel’s baby is going to have one HECK of a group of honorary aunties.

Both Sean Bryan and Adam Rayl ran the LA course, and both of them wanted nothing but the best for the other.

The LA City Finals were taped on International Women’s Day and the ladies got to celebrate their strengths all together.

Can you even handle the amount of awesomeness in this photo?

Ninjas are beautiful! @nbcninjawarrior

Posted by April Gould on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Now that you’re full of Ninja Warrior warm-fuzzies, go enjoy your day!