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There’s only a few hours left before American Ninja Warrior season nine begins filming

It all comes down to this for the Los Angeles area Ninjas.

Tonight, March 7, is the big night! Season nine of American Ninja Warrior kicks off with the recording of the Los Angeles Qualifiers.

The city has been flooded with Ninjas, both those competing and those here to cheer on their friends. But tonight, they’ll all be at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Daniel Gil is in LA getting in some pull-ups before pulling for his friends on the course.

Hanging out in L.A. #kingdomninja #lasangeles #anw9 #ninjawarrior #americanninjawarrior #citylife

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Brent Steffensen is here to support the La La Land Ninjas.

Just landed in #LaLaLand! Who wants to chill?!! #Ninjas be in the hizzy!

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Tiana Webberley will be competing and is zoning in on what she learned last season.

Nick Hanson is here all the way from Alaska to take on the course.

Natalie Duran is going for gold.

There’s only hours left before the lights come up on the course!

Universal Studio stunting✔️ #anw9 @ucs_spirit #stickjumping #VaultchickNinja

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THE DAY! ANW9 Baby!! #anw9 #tnw #fireninja @aliciabelanger_71

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Good luck to all the Ninja Warriors running in Los Angeles tonight!