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Nicholas Coolridge has taken his American Ninja Warrior career to new heights

After the All-Stars Special, everyone was talking about him.

It feels like Nicholas Coolridge has been around Ninja Warrior a lot longer than two years. That's all its been for Modern Tarzan, but they were two very impressive seasons.

Coolridge clearing a course has already become the expectation. Now what we're watching to see is how incredibly easy he make the world's toughest obstacles appear.

I mean, did you see him on Stage 3 for Team Kristine at the All-Stars Special!? And on the Big Air Grab?

The Big Air Grab

How high was Nicholas Coolridge -ModernTarzan planning on going?!?

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Monday, February 27, 2017

After watching the skills challenge, I know Coolridge will be on my fantasy team, will he be on yours?

Make your team before March 7th when Coolridge and the rest of the LA ninjas start their Season 9 journey to Mt. Midoriyama! While you're there check out the other cool stats on