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You have to watch this kid on the Salmon Ladder

Then you’ll need a minute to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Salmon ladder suicides

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This is Vance. Vance is very, very good at the Salmon Ladder. It’s scary how good he is.

Vance also happens to be the pre-teen National Ninja League boys champion. So he’s good at a lot of obstacles.

Aside from being massively talented, it looks like Vance also has a couple of Ninja Warrior masters in his corner. Check out the comments on the video.

That would be American Ninja Warriors Ryan Stratis and Mike Bernardo glowing with pride over Vance.

Let’s be clear. That means Vance is training with THIS GUY.


Basically Vance is an American Ninja Warrior prodigy child, training out of NinjaQuest in Georgia.

When Vance is old enough to compete on American Ninja Warrior, wear a helmet. We’re pretty sure he’s going to rip the course apart.