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Season eight’s youngest Ninja shot right to the National Finals

Michael Torres did not let inexperience equal disadvantage.

It's gotta be cool to be the youngest competitor on any season of American Ninja Warrior. For most young ninjas just getting to compete alongside some of your idols would be enough. However, Michael Torres did much more than compete alongside some ninja legends, he out performed a ton of them!

Torres is a laid back ninja who didn't let the pressure of the big stage get to him and put on a great show. He had to frantically rush to finish Stage One inside the time limit but the young ninja was able to do so, with one closest clears in the show's history.

Michael Torres Stage One run at the National Finals

Lots of obstacles and 0.08 seconds left on the clock. Exactly how we're feeling trying to prepare for the holidays.

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Thursday, December 22, 2016 has tons of cool stats you can look up and share with all your American Ninja Warrior friends.