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Vlogger Logan Paul needs Grant McCartney’s help to become an American Ninja Warrior

You need a great trainer to take on the course.

Logan Paul is a prolific vlogger and social media influencer. He also has a show on the digital platform Watchable called “Logan Paul Vs.

The premise of the show is Logan tries to learn very unique skills, like ballet, wilderness survival and wrestling.

Next up, American Ninja Warrior.

But in order to get on the course, Logan is going to need a trainer.

This is where American Ninja Warrior Grant McCartney comes in. In a behind the scenes vlog, Logan meets up with Grant to learn the ways of the Ninja Warrior. (The Ninja Warrior action kicks off at the six minute mark in the video.)

Grant impresses Logan with his rap skills and they hit up the LA training grounds owned by Arnold Hernandez. Logan is pretty fearless, but watch what happens when he gives the Warped Wall a try.

As we all know, the most important part of becoming a Ninja Warrior is determination and perseverance. Logan doesn’t seem to be lacking in this department. We’re interested in seeing where this training takes him.