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Rivalries are going to get real on Team Ninja Warrior

New teaser trailer shows the Ninjas getting competitive.

It’s raining Team Ninja Warrior goodies this week! We were gifted the new trailer, new photos, and a full list of all the competing Ninjas.

Now, there’s another new teaser clip that cranks up the heat on the rivalries.

This is one of the major differences between American Ninja Warrior and Team Ninja Warrior. On American Ninja warrior, it’s the athlete versus the course and their own self determination. On Team Ninja Warrior, the head to head format lets the Ninjas indulge their competitive sides.

Brian Arnold sounded dead serious when he said “I hate to lose.”

Ian Dory said, “Let’s do this” like he was going into battle.

Something clearly has Najee Richardson blown away.

Look at how close this finish is between Grant McCartney and Jake Murray!

Can we please get this season started?!?

Season two of Team Ninja Warrior will premiere April 18, 10/9 c on USA Network.