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This is what happens when you steal from two American Ninja Warriors

They take action. Really beautiful action.

American Ninja Warriors Michelle Warnky and Maggi Thorne were on their way to the National Ninja League finals in Concord, CA when they faced a traveler’s nightmare.

Their rental car was broken into and their backpacks were taken. The bags included items like laptops, journals and passports. UGH.

Just had our rental car broken into and Maggi Thorne and I just had our backpacks taken!! :( I almost put it in the...

Posted by Michelle Marie on Thursday, March 2, 2017

But let’s go through how Michelle and Maggi responded to this situation.

First, they followed procedure and reported the break-in to the police. They were slightly in shock, but then moved right on to cracking jokes.

I didn't leave my heart in San Francisco, but my bag, laptop,passport and journal were stolen It is what it is, grateful for friends and the prayers.

Опубліковано Maggi Thorne 2 березень 2017 р.

Next, it was time to get active. They took advice to check dumpsters in the area.

As luck would have it, they DID find the dumpster their items that were deemed unimportant were left in. Poor Michelle’s work folders were quite disheveled.

Posted by Michelle Marie on 2hb Mac 2017

Then, after digging through dumpsters all night, Michelle and Maggi weren’t done yet. They took the most valuable lesson they learned from the experience and turned it into action.

They went around giving food to the homeless in the area.

Maggi said,

Because everyone deserves to be loved❤ I've always believed one of the greatest ways to overcome our own adversities is to be able to love on others.

Posted by Maggi Thorne on Friday, March 3, 2017

And THAT is how Ninja Warriors handle a crisis!

Maggi and Michelle, we’re SO sorry your car was broken into, but way to go!