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Joe Moravsky has grown up on American Ninja Warrior

Fans have watched the Ninja Weatherman go through major changes during his years on the show.

Mitchell Leff/NBC

Today, March 23, just happens to be the birthday of popular Ninja Warrior Joe Moravsky.

In his time on American Ninja Warrior, the Ninja Weatherman has never missed the chance to qualify for National Finals and has always beaten Stage One.

In his four seasons on the show, we’ve consistently seen him hitting buzzers and we’ve consistently seen him going through some of life’s major transitions.

Take a look back at Joe’s career on American Ninja Warrior, along with the major milestones he was celebrating along the way.

In 2013, his first year on the show, he made it to the National Finals and was newly engaged.

He came back strong in 2014 and had just gotten married.

At the National Finals in 2015, he kept his mind focused even while he and his wife Stephanie were expecting a baby.

In season eight, Joe was a new dad and had a whole new motivation for taking on the course.

Just look at this amazing family he’s built while maintaining his position as a top American Ninja Warrior.

Merry CHRISTmas!!

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All while being a respected meteorologist in Connecticut.

SO DEAD @gcaninjas with @repostapp ・・・ @ninjaweatherman please free us from this seasonally-accurate weather!!!

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And he sings!

Halo Cover - @beyonce

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Happy birthday, Joe Moravsky!