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Let’s re-experience that time Usher was an American Ninja Warrior

He took on Ellen’s “American Ninja Warrior Parking Lot Challenge.”

Back in 2014, Ellen DeGeneres had an “American Ninja Warrior Parking Lot Challenge.” Ellen herself tired the course. Celebrities Bob Harper, Anna Faris and Allison Janney all gave it a good-spirited go.

But no one took to the course with more ferocity and determination than Usher.

With Ellen, Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila looking on, he started his run.

He made easy work of the Quintuple Steps.

His dance skills definitely helped him bound over the walls.

He almost fell on the Dancing Stones, but his strong core kicked in and he was able to save himself.

All he had left before the Warped Wall was an easy swing to the cargo net.

But Usher doesn’t play by the rules! Instead of climbing down the net, he climbed up and used the scaffolding to get across. (We bet this created some very nervous producers.)

The Warped Wall was no trouble. So Usher hit his Ninja Warrior buzzer, despite breaking the rules.

It was a pretty good run! Usher would probably be a contender for the full-sized course. If he could avoid slipping any extra dance moves in there.