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The American Ninja Warrior hosts compare notes on competitors they love

Matt, Kristine and Akbar discuss who sticks out for them.

At the NBCUniversal Summer Press Day AfterBuzz TV grabbed the American Ninja Warrior hosts for a quick interview. Matt, Kristine and Akbar had some great answers when they were asked what Ninja stands out for each of them.

Kristine Leahy

Answer: Jessie Graff - The first woman to complete Stage One of the National Finals

Why: “She’s just awesome, ripped, and she’s a woman and she crushes the course and she gets stronger and stronger every time I see her. And she has a pet pig.”

Everyone was excited to talk about Sammo Hog. They chatted about how Jessie uses Sammo in her pull up training, and that Matt once got a neck massage from the pig.

Matt Iseman

Answer: Steven Moul - A competitor with Autism who competed in Kansas City two years ago

Why: “We’ve only had two people complete the course, but I think one of the great things about the show is you can win in different ways. Sometimes just by getting on the course.”

Akbar Gbajabiamila

Answer: Zach Gowen - A competitor with one leg who ran the course in Indianapolis during season eight

Why: “It’s crazy just to think he had that type of fortitude to look beyond his, you know, it’s not even a disability. It was his ability to go out there and compete.”

We imagine the hosts probably have A LOT of competitors they love, but these are all some great memories from the show!

Who’s your all-time favorite Ninja Warrior? Tell us in the comments below.