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Watch this American Ninja Warrior pull off what has to be impossible

Proof that these athletes are not entirely human.

American Ninja Warrior Allyssa Beird helped make history in season eight by being one of the four women to qualify for the Philadelphia City Finals. She also received a Wild Card to run at the National Finals.

In the off season, she’s been busy dominating at National Ninja League competitions, taking home the women’s championship.

Also, she’s apparently been learning how to defy (what we assumed) were human limitations.

First, there’s hula hooping. That thing is tricky.

Then head hangs. Got to have your grip strength on point for that.

Last, pull-ups. Do we even need to talk about how hard those are?

How in the world does Allyssa combine all three? WE HAVE NO IDEA.

It’s like the ultimate version of the “pat your head and rub your tummy” game. If you can also do this, please link us to a video in the comments. We’re fascinated by this ability.