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The community pulled together to get some very special kids to the Wolfpack Ninja Tour

They’ll get to meet their American Ninja Warrior heroes.

Wolfpack Ninjas/Youtube

Recently, American Ninja Warriors Noah Kaufman and Ian Dory of the Wolfpack went on the Armchair Ninja Podcast to discuss the upcoming Wolfpack Ninja Tour in Denver, Colorado.

You can learn more details about the event here. Basically, there is a LOT going on over the course of the event and some of the biggest names in American Ninja Warrior will be there. It’s going to be good.

It’s also going to be really special for kids who deserve a fun couple of days. Noah shared a story detailing how some of the event’s VIP attendees are donating their tickets for a class with a Ninja Warrior to sick children.

“Oh, it’s so cool. So this started actually with a Canadian couple from Calgary. They literally emailed us and said, ‘Hey. You know my husband and I, we’re coming down. We’re very excited. You know we don’t really need to take the kids classes with the Ninjas, but we’re excited about everything else. Is there any way that we can give our kids classes to some needy kids?’

And we were like ‘Oh wow. That is so nice.’ So we said ‘Sure, of course we’ll find a way to do that.’

We let the rest of the VIPs know about that and so many of the parents were like, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll give our classes.’

And before we knew it, we were dealing with our Children’s Hospital of Colorado partner, and we say ‘Hey look, we’ll give you these tickets to give to these sick kids and their families to bring some brightness and joy in their lives. Then we’ll match it with spectator tickets. So not only do they get the Ninja class, but they get the full weekend experience.’

Then the Girls and Boys Club is also involved. They’re going to be giving it to inner city kids who just can’t afford something that is this cool and kind of expensive to put on. It costs money. But these kids, we want them all to be able to enjoy it.

You know we’re really going to make an impact. We’re really going to do something good. We’re going to be able to involve everybody and a lot of this is because these people who have disposable incomes who love Ninja are being so kind with their philanthropy. It’s just really amazing.”

Way to go, Ninja Warrior community!

You can get your tickets to the Wolfpack Ninja Tour here.

Listen to the full Armchair Ninja Podcast here.