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Here’s the walk-on information for American Ninja Warrior San Antonio

Didn’t get the call? You might have one more shot.

Hello #Ninjas! #SanAntonio is officially booked! This is for those interested in the San Antonio #Walkon line! We rely...

Posted by A. Deign & Co on Sunday, March 19, 2017

American Ninja Warrior will begin filming in San Antonio is just a few days. For some, that means they know for sure they won’t be getting the casting call securing their turn on the course.

But all hope is not lost! Details on accessing the walk-on line have been released. In each city, producers pull a few extra competitors from this line to round out the group of athletes.

It doesn’t guarantee you a slot on the show. If time is tight, production will be forced to cut walk-ons to make sure all the cast Ninjas are filmed. However, some legends have come from the walk-on line. Kevin Bull was a walk-on in Venice when he blew everyone’s minds with his solution to Cannonball Alley. Adam Rayl was a walk-on in season eight who made it to the National Finals.

(Also, word on the street is the walk-on line is actually a lot of fun and a great way to meet other Ninjas!)