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Michelle Warnky will have you training like an American Ninja Warrior

#WarnkyChallengeWednesday will never let you be bored at the gym again.

Mitchell Leff/NBC

The last time we saw Michelle Warnky on American Ninja Warrior, she was showing off her strength on the Philadelphia course.

She’s a repeat American Ninja Warrior athlete and has competed at the National Finals multiple times. She’s a force.

She’s also known for inspiring other Ninja Warriors. Case in point is her Instagram account. She’s created a little something called #WarnkyChallengeWednesday.

Each week, she issues a brutal, fresh, punishing workout challenge. While being slightly evil, they’re designed to push you to a whole new level.

Why are there even six different types of pull ups?!?

How to get your friends to stop taking your calls.

The longest song in the history of the world.

Okay, even Michelle said this one was hard.

Can we just veto the four minute squat, though?

Here’s some Ninja Warriors trying out #WarnkyChallengeWednesday for themselves.

Jesse Labreck

Nate Burkhalter

Chris Boehm

Well now we understand how she’s always ready for American Ninja Warrior! (Also, it’s important to note that she met a chicken on an airplane)