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American Ninja Warriors will take on super-sized obstacles in the All-Star Special

The “toughest Ninja challenge ever” will debut on February 20.

The American Ninja Warrior All-Star Special will premiere on February 20, 8-10 PM on NBC. We just got our hands on the teaser trailer for the show and it looks down right amazing.

First, we got dramatic shots of some of the Ninjas we’ll be seeing. (This is not all the Ninjas who’ll be on the special.)

Jesse Labreck

Chris Wilczewski

Meagan Martin

Flip Rodriguez

Grant McCartney

Najee Richardson

Nicholas Coolridge

Jessie Graff

The special will include two parts; the skills challenge and the team challenge. In the skills challenge, the Ninjas will take on super-sized obstacles until someone sets a record for completing the obstacle at the greatest height, distance, etc.

In the team challenge, the hosts of the show, Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila (and we think Kristine Leahy) select teams of Ninjas who then battle it out on the National Finals courses.

Here’s Jessie Graff leaping on to the Flying Squirrel.

The Salmon Ladder is four stories tall.

But the star of the trailer is this insane Warped Wall.

Look at this thing! Flip references it being possibly 20 feet high.

We have a feeling this special is going to give all the American Ninja Warrior fans a lot to talk about.