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Watch your favorite American Ninja Warriors as they “Ninja for a Cure”

When Henry started raising awareness for cancer research, the Ninja community rallied around him.

When Henry Ferrarin’s mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2012, he felt powerless. It was a feeling the youth basketball coach and athelete wasn’t used to dealing with.

His mother’s strength through her cancer treatment inspired him to start training for American Ninja Warrior. Now a two time American Ninja Warrior competitor, he’s also partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to “Ninja for a Cure.

Through capturing acts of Ninja strength on social media, Henry and his friends are raising awareness and donations for the foundation. A lot of your favorite Ninja Warriors are involved.

Chris Wilczewski rocked pink pants and a “Ninja for a Cure” shirt during his season eight Philadelphia runs.

Jessie Graff showed off her grip strength.

Jake Murray did it in his own unique way, naturally.

Even Jessie’s pet pig, Sammo Hog, put her skills on display.

Najee Richardson went flying.

Drew Drechsel Ninja-d right up the Warped Wall.

Thomas Stillings flipped at the chance to get involved.

Jon Alexis Jr developed his own Salmon Ladder strategy.

You can be sure Henry is keeping his training on point as well.

If you’d like to get involved in “Ninja for a Cure,” you can! Make a donation. Buy a shirt. Get on Instagram and upload your own video showing off how to Ninja for a cure.

Follow “Ninja for a Cure” on Instagram for more demonstrations of Ninja strength.