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Clips to inspire your Super Salmon Ladder training

The All-Star Special had us craving more salmon!

David Becker/NBC

During the 2017 American Ninja Warrior All-Stars Special, we got to experience the exciting action of the Super Salmon Ladder.

This beast had 35 rungs and was four stories tall. The reigning champ, Mike Bernardo, sent us all for a loop when he fell with just ONE rung left.

Karsten Willams completed the entire ladder and took home the championship metal.

But there were no hard feelings between the two.

The Salmon Ladder is such a great obstacle to watch. It requires technique, strategy, practice and determination. Although it’s a staple obstacle on American Ninja Warrior, it trips up both veterans and rookies every season.

After the thrilling Super Salmon Ladder competition, we hadn’t had our fill yet and hunted down some more videos. Check them out.

Of course, here’s Mike Bernardo’s 2016 All-Stars Special Salmon Ladder climb.

Daniel Gil just pulled off 49 rungs, we think. We lost count.

Drew Drechsel did...was that 50? Now, mind you, these guys are going up and down. Because not many people have a 4 story Salmon Ladder.

Working on my super salmon ladder training.. @teamkarsten and @fallrisk911 , I want to get on your level!

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Grant McCartney went for the record of coldest Salmon Ladder.

This guy wasn’t counting rungs, but yeah, this looks hard.

Working on my calisthenics game with the salmon ladder

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Some people just make it look easy.

But remember, the Salmon Ladder is a lot of work. Not all exits are graceful.

Sometimes it’s better to get a friend to support you.

F is for friends who do stuff together @abeird #americanninjawarrior #flex #flexlabreck #salmonladder #pullups #wcw

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Just try not to laugh THIS hard at a Salmon Ladder fail.

You win some you lose some #salmonladderfail #ninjawarrior

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If you need a little help getting started on your own Salmon Ladder journey, Jessie Graff has got you covered.

Jessie Graff: Couch to Salmon Ladder (part one)

You're about to master pull ups. Jessie Graff is taking you from couch to Salmon Ladder.

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Thursday, July 7, 2016

Got a great Salmon Ladder video? Drop the links in the comments below!