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American Ninja Warriors went to new heights with the Big Air Grab challenge

Bet the view was great from up there.

One of the new challenges introduced with the 2017 American Ninja Warrior All-Stars Special was the Big Air Grab.

This pitted Ninjas against one of their worst enemies: Trampolines.

The athletes needed to use a trampoline to propel themselves to a hanging board. The board would then be raised until only one Ninja could make the leap.

Brent Steffensen, Meagan Martin, Grant McCartney, Kevin Bull and Nicholas Coolridge competed.

They started with the board raised to 14 feet. All the Ninjas landed it.

At 14.5 feet, a few of the Ninjas got wet.

Brent made it.

Meagan just missed by a couple inches.

Grant grabbed on.

Kevin’s leap from the trampoline didn’t give him quite enough air.

Nicholas had no trouble.

Then, producers decided to stop playing around and raised the board to 16 feet.

Brent was still able to complete the jump.

Grant took a swim.

Nicholas still seemed unfazed.

With just two Ninjas left, the board went to 16.5 feet.

Brent knew he was out, but enjoyed the ride down.

Nicholas still had gas in the tank.

With that, Nicholas Coolridge became the Big Air Grab champion of American Ninja Warrior!

You can find a full recap of the All-Stars skills challenge here.