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Geoff Britten is the American Ninja Warrior Thunderbolt champion

He out-climbed some of the very best.

In the American Ninja Warrior 2017 All-Stars Special, there was just too much action for only two hours of air time! Some competitions, like the Thunderbolt Pegboard had to be annotated.

You can see the full competition above!

Travis Rosen, Geoff Britten, Brian Arnold and Jessie Graff all raced to the buzzer on this dastardly pegboard.

Heat One: Travis Rosen vs Geoff Britten

Both men looked calm, but focused.

Geoff had an early exit from the National Finals of season eight, so it was great to see him have a chance to show off his grip strength.

He ended up the clear winner.

Heat Two: Brian Arnold vs Jessie Graff

Jessie and Brian both carefully planned their approaches.

It was a very tight race for awhile.

But Brian was able to pull ahead and take the win.

Final round: Brian Arnold vs Geoff Britten

These two climbing Ninjas were neck in neck.

Feeling the buzzer close by, Geoff kicked it into high gear.

Geoff Britten is the 2017 American Ninja Warrior Thunderbolt pegboard champion!

You can find a full recap of the skills challenges here.