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Flip Rodriguez’s courage on and off the course with leave you in awe

Sure, his career stats are impressive, but that’s just a small part of what makes Flip so special.

With six American Ninja Warrior season's under his belt, Flip Rodriguez, the man formerly known as "Young Flip," has grown from an impressive rookie into a savvy veteran. In all his seasons he's only had one early exit, and since that point he’s looked much more fluid and composed, ascending him into the ranks of the most elite Ninjas.

Formerly, Flip was known for wearing a mask on the show. In season eight, we learned why. Flip revealed he was sexually abused from ages 9-15. The mask was a way to help him feel safe.

Using American Ninja Warrior as a platform, he has chosen to speak out about the abuse in the hope of inspiring other victims to do the same and put an end to their own abuse.

Flip has always been impressive on the course and in teaching his students, nicknamed "tadpoles.” Now, with his message to speak up about sexual abuse he's become an inspiration to so many more.

Flip is always a strong candidate to do well on American Ninja Warrior, which makes him a solid pick for your team.

Make your team before March 7th to qualify for the prize. ANWFantasy is full of additional stats and information on ninjas so check it out if you're interested. Here's a complete breakdown on what is and how it works.

Flip Rodriguez's LA City Finals run

Flip Rodriguez's exceptional run at the LA City Finals still makes us emotional.

Posted by American Ninja Warrior Nation on Sunday, August 7, 2016