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Flip Rodriguez, Nicholas Coolridge & Jessie Graff put together one of the best team runs ever

Team Kristine set the All-Star team challenge on fire.

If you missed the team challenge from the 2017 American Ninja Warrior All-Stars Special, we’re really sorry. You missed some serious action.

Kristine Leahy’s team of Flip Rodriguez, Nicholas Coolridge and Jessie Graff absolutely dominated. They beat out Akbar’s team by six seconds on Stage One, advancing straight to Stage Three.

Flip treated Snake Run like a little skip through a park.

When he nailed the dismount from the Giant Log Grip on the first shot, he saved the team valuable moments.

Nicholas Coolridge handled the Jumping Spider with ease and then bounded through the Sonic Curve.

After the Warped Wall, it was the moment we were waiting for: Jessie Graff was tagged in.

She had no trouble completing the obstacles and looked joyous to have the chance to experience the Flying Squirrel one more time.

This was now her second time hitting the Stage One buzzer.

Together, they went on to complete Stage Three in its entirety and take home the title of American Ninja Warrior Team Challenge Champions.

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