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Watch American Ninja Warrior Drew Drechsel smash the Supersonic Shelf Grab record

He landed a 15 foot gap!

On the 2017 American Ninja Warrior All-Star Special, Drew Drechsel and Najee Richardson gave us a nail-biting finale.

In 2016, Drew and Isaac Caldiero had set the record on the Supersonic Shelf Grab challenge at 14 feet. The only reason is stopped there was because the obstacle couldn’t physically be extended any further.

This year, the crew and producers were not kidding around and they were ready to seriously push the Ninjas’ limits.

Brett Sims, Meagan Martin, Najee Richardson and Drew Drechsel all competed, but only Najee and Drew remained when the distance was 14 feet. BOTH men nailed that landing.

But then both Ninjas fell at 15 feet. So how would we get a winner? The producers opted to allow them to try it one more time. Najee unfortunately missed the landing.

Drew Drechsel stepped up for his turn.

He honed in.

Built up so much momentum he was almost upside down.

And NAILED the final grab.

Najee was overjoyed for his competition.

Drew celebrated with a triumphant backflip.

In his interview with Kristine Leahy, Drew talked about how he’s practiced constantly since last season and with Najee pushing him on, he knew he could rise to the challenge.

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