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American Ninja Warrior has released teaser photos from the All-Star Special

And you thought you were excited before.

It was recently announced that the 2017 American Ninja Warrior: All-Star Special will premiere on February 20.

This includes the Skills Challenge and the Team portion. In the past, this special has been a between-seasons treat of fresh Ninja Warrior action. We were excited.

Then NBC went ahead and released some teaser photos from the episode. We now cannot handle how much we want to see this!


Jessie Graff is on the Flying Squirrel and seems like she’s loving it.

David Becker/NBC

Also, that looks like Jessie is wearing a pink team uniform. Does this mean Kristine Leahy got to put a team in the challenge, in addition to Matt and Akbar, this season?

Holy. Crap. There’s more Geoff Britten action.

Mighty Kacy Catanzaro is putting in some serious leaps.

David Becker/NBC

Flip Rodriguez is on the Flying Monkey Bars.

David Becker/NBC

Again, there’s that hint of pink on what looks like a team uniform.

Meagan Martin is in red on Flying Squirrel. Is she back on Team Akbar?

David Becker/NBC

James McGrath and Ryan Stratis are head to head on the Invisible Ladder. That will be insane.

David Becker/NBC

Mike Bernardo is back on the seemingly-endless Salmon Ladder!

David Becker/NBC

Jesse Labreck continues her record-breaking rookie season with an invite to the All-Star episode.

David Becker/NBC

Look at that crowd of Ninja Warriors behind Joe Moravsky. They are all intently focused on his Warped Wall run. That means it must be a good one.

David Becker/NBC

Check out the rest of the images here.

The 2017 American Ninja Warrior: All Star Special will premiere on February 20, 8-10 PM on NBC.