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This lightning fast run from American Ninja Warrior Mike Bernardo only nabbed third place

Ninja Warriors are getting insanely good at these local competitions.

Mike Bernardo is a long-time American Ninja Warrior competitor and currently holds the Salmon Ladder record he established in the last All-Star Skills competition. [He launched himself up 35 rungs.]

At the National Ninja League qualifying competition in Georgia at NinjaQuest, Mike laid down a blistering run. Almost never pausing for a breath, he was on track for one of the fastest times of the competition to that point and nailed each obstacle flawlessly.

He hit the buzzer so hard they tumbled over. But the crazy part? That only got him third place in the competition.

Ethan Swanson and Brett Sims, also both American Ninja Warriors, placed above him.

That’s insane. These local Ninja Warrior competitions are allowing athletes to hone their skills and perfect their obstacle techniques. Season nine of American Ninja Warrior is going to be fierce.

Check out Mike Bernardo going up the equivalent of seven Salmon Ladders in a row.