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You need to see this Ninja Warrior smash a local competition

Meet Jessica Clayton. You’ll want to remember that name.

While we haven’t seen Jessica Clayton on American Ninja Warrior’s Mt. Midoriyama yet, we should seriously be keeping an eye on her.

Check out her run at the National Ninja League qualifying competition at NinjaQuest Fitness in Marietta, GA. Holy. Smokes.

She misses hitting the buzzer by just one obstacle, but it still landed her in first place for the women’s division of the competition.

After booking it through the first couple of obstacles, she honed in on the balance bars. (And can we please appreciate her She-Hulk tights for a second?)

She whipped through the Jumping Spider so quickly they couldn’t even get a shot of it.

Devil Steps? No issue.

Warped Wall? Not a problem.

She took her time to plot a strategy through the peg board, which reminded us of how Jessie Graff likes to approach obstacles.

American Ninja Warrior Ryan Stratis was her referee and Grant McCartney was calling her run.

Jessica went out on a Circuit Board-esque obstacle just before the buzzer.

After watching this, we really hope Jessica applied for American Ninja Warrior season nine!