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First graders make some pretty great American Ninja Warrior obstacles

Creativity at its finest.

Matt Iseman's Obstacle Shapes Challenge

Nai-post ni American Ninja Warrior Nation noong Martes, Nobyembre 22, 2016

A while back, we were contacted by a first grade teacher who also happened to be a big American Ninja Warrior fan. She was teaching her students about shapes in their environment and wanted to have them create Ninja Warrior obstacles to practice what they’d learned.

Because that sounds amazing and adorable, we were happy to help! Host Matt Iseman created a video introducing the lesson, and the kids got busy creating.

Oh. Man. The results are cute and the names the kids gave their obstacles are incredible.

High Score Monkey Climb

Heart Pumper

The Climber

This one is so good it doesn’t even need a name.

The Bouncing Rope

The Monkey Tube

Slipper Tripper

Challenge Chomper

The Dragon

The Monkey Score High Core

TNT Chamber (That sounds dangerous.)

Look at it all put together!

Okay Ninja Warriors, you’ve seen the course of the future. Better step up your training.