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American Ninja Warrior Roo Yori took a shelter dog for a Hawaiian field trip

A) We want this dog. B) We want this field trip.

American Ninja Warrior Andrew “Roo” Yori goes by the nickname the K9 Ninja for obvious reasons. He loves, loves, loves dogs and has made it his mission to raise awareness for dog rescue and adoption.

He even brought his dog Angus with him to American Ninja Warrior and it was perfection.


So it makes perfect sense that Roo couldn’t take a break from his passion when while on vacation in Hawaii. When he and his wife discovered that Kauai Humane Society lets you take a shelter pup out on a field trip, it was a no brainer.

They spent the day with Tank, a pit bull mix and a very good pup.

Tank definitely has that laid-back Hawaiian thing down.

He had the biggest smile all day long.

Look at the sleepy snuggles he had to share after a long day of playing.

Just try to stay strong while looking into those eyes.

Can’t resist? Check out the pups for adoption at the Kauai Humane Society here.