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American Ninja Warrior host Matt Iseman is the winner of The New Celebrity Apprentice

We’re so darn proud of him!

Who Will Arnold Choose?

And the winner is...

Posted by The New Celebrity Apprentice on 13hb Februari 2017

Last night Matt Iseman was crowned the winner of this season’s Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger. We all know and adore him as the host of American Ninja Warrior, but his dedication to raising money for the Arthritis Foundation earned him a legion of new fans.

In the final boardroom elimination of Celebrity Apprentice, Arnold calls Matt an “underdog.” This perfectly encapsulates the attitude that makes him such a delight to watch on Ninja Warrior. Matt celebrates with everyone. He feels for them when they fall. He truly understands that anything is possible with enough work and grit.

Here are just a few the Matt-moments that show off his endless energy and personality.

Playing with kids who have Rheumatoid Arthritis, which Matt himself also has.

Matt Iseman swings for the fences with the Arthritis Foundation. Batter up!

Posted by The New Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday, February 12, 2017

Losing all control of his nerd-tendencies at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Matt Iseman: The Boy Who Lived

Matt Iseman is the boy who lived to see another day thanks his Harry Potter knowledge!

Posted by The New Celebrity Apprentice on 24hb Januari 2017

Celebrating the end American Ninja Warrior season eight with a display of sheer elegance.

Taking time during the taping of the Indianapolis episodes to talk with Steven Moul, a very special Ninja Warrior.

(By the way, Matt recorded those episodes while very, very sick, but nothing can slow him down.)

Repeatedly saying “American Ninja Warrior” in the way that only Matt can pull off.

Lovingly harassing fellow host, Akbar Gbajabiamila.

Just generally sharing in the epic excitement experienced by all Ninja Warrior fans.

Congratulations, Matt!

You can help him celebrate by making a donation to the Arthritis Foundation here.

Luis Trinh/NBC