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Do you think these are the worst American Ninja Warrior obstacles?

“Worst” seems like a strong word.

UniversalTuber makes great YouTube videos about American Ninja Warrior. Check out his video on the top 20 American Ninja Warrior competitors for an example.

One of the great parts of the Ninja Warrior community is that, while we all love it, there is so much to discuss and debate. It keeps things interesting as we all watch the development of the athletes and the show.

We had some mixed feelings on this video about the “Worst ANW Obstacles,” and we want to hear your thoughts. Would you agree that these are the worst obstacles in American Ninja Warrior history?

Jump Hang

Snake Crossing

Walking Bar

Hourglass Drop

Wall Lift

Every single obstacle from American Ninja Warrior season one

Our thought is that a lot of these are precursors to much better obstacles. It’s hard to hate on something that blossomed into a bigger and better idea. They all have to start somewhere. Watching the obstacles evolve each season is fascinating as the producers and Ninjas learn how to test and challenge each other.

But okay, having the Wall Lift on a course that wasn’t timed was a little silly.

Chime in using the comments below!