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Watch Meagan Martin take on Stage Three at the first All-Star Skills Showdown

She made Team Akbar proud with this run.

Between seasons seven and eight of American Ninja Warrior, we were treated to the first All-Stars Skills Showdown. Hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila each selected teams of the top Ninja competitors. The teams then competed on the National Finals courses for the sheer glory of it.

Meagan Martin represented Team Akbar and had everyone in awe of her amazing run on Stage Three. Having never touched those obstacles before, she handled them with the tact of a veteran.

After the Psycho Chainsaw, Doorknob Grasper and the Floating Boards, she met her match on the Ultimate Cliffhanger. A tricky transition down to a small board sent her into the water. Still, it was a historic run that gives Meagan an excellent foundation for her future success on the National Finals courses.

The newest edition of American Ninja Warrior: All-Star Special will premiere on February 20, 8-10 pm, on NBC.