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Ninjas are testing their limits as they train for the American Ninja Warrior Experience

Sure, they’re having fun. But they’re working hard to be ready for the first event.

The first American Ninja Warrior Experience is coming up FAST! It will take place February 10-11 in Phoenix, AZ. The event will feature some of your favorite Ninjas from the show, both teaching participants and racing.

It looks like the featured Ninjas are taking their training for the event very seriously.

Here’s Barclay Stockett and Allyssa Beird taking the idea of a “training buddy” to a whole new level.

Daniel Gil is prepping for the head-to-head racing at the ANW Experience by pushing himself to the limit at Iron Sports.

Yup. He’s going to be a tough one to beat.

Are you getting ready for the course? ANW Experience offers opportunities for adults and kids to take on obstacles from the show. You can also kick back as a spectator and watch all the action.

Learn more about the Phoenix, AZ and San Diego, CA events, here.