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Team USA suffered tragic errors in the second stage of the Indonesian competition

Only Josh Levin would hit the buzzer without a disqualification.

Ninja Warrior Indonesia/Instagram

Sasuke Ninja Warrior Indonesia recently aired the second part of their international team competition, and it wasn’t pretty for Team USA.

On the first stage, the Challenge Stage, Team USA came in second place, after Indonesia. Drew Drechsel experienced a shocking disqualification that demonstrated the fact that these athletes can’t underestimate these shorter courses.

The second stage of the competition was the Warrior Stage. It was still only four obstacles long, and built for speed. However, things didn’t go very well for the team of American Ninja Warrior stars.

Watch all five of Team USA’s runs below.

Drew Drechsel

Drew had another frustrating moment. He was out on Silk Slider, the very first obstacle, when he missed landing pad.

Daniel Gil

Daniel Gil had the fastest time on the first stage, but here he was out on the Floating Tiles, the second obstacle. He did hit the buzzer, but nothing was counted beyond the tiles. If his run wasn’t disqualified, he would have set at record at 24 seconds.

Josh Levin

Josh was the first on his team to finish the course. He clocked in at 36.75 seconds, taking second place in this stage.

David Campbell

David suffered a repeat of Drew’s run. He also missed the landing pad of the Silk Slider and was quickly disqualified.

Jake Murray

Jake was the last to run. But he wouldn’t act as a comeback kid for the team. He was out on the second obstacle, the Floating Tiles.

Overall, the team finished in last place on this stage, with just nine points.

But it’s not over just yet. Next up are the semifinals. There’s still time for Team USA to pull themselves up through the ranks!